Hey everybody, I posted in the guitar accessories thread yesterday, but they said to come here. So, I'm looking for beginner/intermediate recording equipment (Cause I've never screwed with this stuff before). I was gonna get the Line 6 Toneport ux2, but it requires an OSX of 10.4 (I have a Mac, with an OS of 10.3.9) , then I started to get the Firewire M-audio 410, only to see it doesn't have anything like Ableton live lite to give me a tone besides a clean one. So basically, all I would like to know is, are there any devices that have a program with it that works with my version of Mac? For preferably $300 or less?

EDIT: It'd also be awesome if said device has drum tracks in it, too, if possible.

Thanks guys.
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get a good interface and use your amp with a mic or just your multi FX board to get your guitar tones...
the interface simply is hardware used to convert the signal to digital and get it into the PC while keeping quality up.

PreSonus, Mackie, E-MU, and M-Audio are all good brands in my book.

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