My covers of Francisco Tárrega's Capricho Arabe, and a cover of Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing. The Little Wing is a bit long. Tell me what you think of them. Peace to all.
I'm listening to Little Wing right nowwwwwww.

I like the intro, real sweet tone. I like the little additions and changes you make in the intro too, but I think in maybe two spots it messes with the rhythm a bit.

The drums made me a little sad , it's too bad they're not real, or more real.

I love the notes you use at like 2:50, sounded pretty outside but I enjoyed it

And I love when you crank the gain at 3:10 and hit that bend...pretty tasty

More outside notes in the middle section yay!

Whatever the f**k you did at 6:55 was damn cool...sounded like sweeps or something? Please get back to me on that one lol

All in all I think it was pretty damn good, the only other suggestions I could give would be to watch your intonation on some of those bends. Some of the double stop bends sounded kind of out of tune too, but maybe that's your bridge.

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I checked out both of your songs. I play about half of SRV's version of Little Wing & this was closer to that then Hendrix's version. A few things are out of place or missing & the timing is a little off. I liked the other song. It has a nice Latin/ flamenco feel to it . Overall good job on these songs!
I had to stop listenin to Little Wing by about 3 minutes. You were not following the drums AT all. You were off in your own world with an entirely different rhythm. If you wanna play like that, don't use a drum track, use a click track. With a drum track, you need to follow the drums or you sound completely out of place. It honestly sounded like if a drummer and guitarist were on stage playing two different songs. That being said, with some time I think you could have your own pretty decent version of that song.