Hi all,

So I have a Boss Me-50 lying about and due to the fact that I use my line 6 amp pre-set pedal on stage, I no longer really have a use for it!

I'm in the North-West of England, Merseyside. If anyone is interested, I'm sure we can sort something out. I'll listen to reasonable offers.

Best wishes and good luck,
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how much are you expecting as a fair return?
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Well, I believe the RRP is supposedly £200, but since most sites have it up for around £160 I think thats way off. Ebayer's have their buy-it-now's as £140, but I'd go a fair bit down from there. I think £120ish sounds fair, on the bit of research i've done.
c'mon baby let the good times roll
Apologies for the double post, I can't edit my last message.

I realized the £140 buy it nows were mainly for new pedals. I think that would affect my pricing slightly, and so I think £100 is a fair price.
c'mon baby let the good times roll