What should i know beforehand, and how good do i need to be?

've only been playing a couple of years and i can't help but feel discouraged because i'm not one of those people that have been playing since grade school. I can read music, and have taken music theory in high school. College is coming up after this year and i need to be ready.
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it depends on where you are going. At my school you better be well prepared.
you should be prepared no matter what school or instrument you go into. you NEED to know basic scales, sight reading and have many prepared pieces. respectable prepared pieces, like, Sonatas or something. if you love music enough, then you should be able to do all of this stuff to pursue your dream
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you can become a music major without even knowing how to play an instrmetn!

The general acceptance of taking a music major is based upon a performance audition, so yes you do need to know how to play an "instrmetn" (sic).