Well this is another song i made today which took me about 5 hours. Its a very long song so yeah...=/
Has couple of acoustic parts but they are random...and a solo. Please crit, Thanks.
Thrash Metal.zip

- Clean intro is boring
- Clean intro doesn't sound very good (off time, dissonant[in a bad way])
- Random clean stuff? No. never ever again. Music needs to make sense.
- All the guitar riffs are pretty ****ty and not something I'd even consider thrash i.e. palm muting + random chords does not equal thrash
- Guitar solo? yuck. Honestly yuck. Its slayer quality solo without the slayer quality riffs to make up for it
- Your leads are dissonant and make no sense
- Its a very boring song overall (yes i know it doesn't have vocals but still) and I only listened to a bit here and there. I'm not wasting my time here.
- Once again, nothing is catchy and everything is just a dissonant mess. No evil catch riffs or anything. Zip. Nadda. I feel ripped off.
- Your whole song makes no sense musically. I go turn on the lawn mower, and i can see where you got your style from.


- At least your trying to write something other than metalcore


-Scrap it, go listen to some kreator, sodom, exodus, testament, overkill and whiplash and try again.


I was pretty disappointed with this. I see you spent a lot of time but you really need to start listening to what you just wrote and compare it to real thrash songs(kreator, testament, etc.) and evaluate yourself before you put stuff on here.

You may say "oh british_steal is a dick" and you'd be wrong. I'd be a dick If I lied and said this was good thrash, or even thrash for that matter. Scrap this and try again.

Overall rating: 1/10
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Yeah, British_Steal summed it up rather well. Which is good, because it saves me from feeling like an ass.

You need to pick a key, and stay in it as much as you possibly can.
You need to figure out what makes a good rhythm and what makes a bad one.
You got some really good riffs and dissonance in there. I really liked the beginning. My only crit would be that after a while the riffs sort of sounded too similar. Like you were going down one cadence the entire time, also the solo could have been better imo.

Other than that, thats some good stuff mate.
Check out mine when you have time, I think you'll like it.