Ok, this is PART of chapter 1 of pretty much the first book i've tried to write. I really want to know if it's worth continuing or not. I just thought i'd try something new..

They say the day you turn 18, everything changes, but the last month hasn’t seemed different than the past 17 years. My blond hair covered my eyes when the chilly September wind met my face, as it always does.
Suddenly I felt a twinge of pain in my big toe, bringing me back to reality. My body lurched forward. Startled, I looked back to where I was previously standing. I saw a fallen tree-branch. It must have been a remainder of the storm.
“Blair!” I turned around at the sound of my name to see my mom poking her head out the front door. She motioned for me to come back.
Myself being lazy, I didn’t want to walk all the way back up the sidewalk so I called out, “What do ya want?” She repeated that beckoning motion. I sighed, and trudged back up to the door.
“Blair, you know your father had a long night last night! You need to be quiet so as not to wake him!” my mom scolded as she peeked back behind her to make sure my father wasn’t there. “Anyway, here’s your lunch money. I threw in some extra since I’ll be gone this weekend…you know, uh, just in case.”
“Thanks mom,” she gave me a quick kiss on my slender cheek and I was on my way again. This time careful to watch where I was walking.

A short walk away, I was opening the doors of my high school when I heard a familiar voice, “Hey Blair!” I turned back to see Kelley Schmidt behind me. Now, I have acquaintances, friends, and best friends. Kelley most clearly falls into the ‘acquaintance’ category, but for some reason, recently she insisted on talking to me as if we were best friends. “How’s it goin’ girl?!”
“Uh…good,” I responded. This is how our conversation went until we reached the cafeteria—she questions and I return awkward one-word answers. I was looking for ways to ditch Kelley when I felt the hands over my eyes.
“Guess who,” a deep voice said. I lifted the hands and turned to face him.
“Hey Lance,” I said just before I kissed him.
“Hey Lance!” Kelley repeated, a little too joyfully, interrupting our moment of bliss.
“Hi there Kelley,” Lance said kind of shyly. “Well, I think Blair and I are going to go. We’ll catch you later.” With that he took my hand and led me out of the noisy room.
“Where are we going babe?” I asked when we got out to the hallway. He smiled but didn’t say a word. We kept walking through the musty hallways until we got to a set of stairs.
They weren’t just any stairs, they were the stairs. The staircase only had five stairs, nothing too special. The special part was the landing at the top. The landing was surrounded by three walls, and every student knew that none of the surveillence camera’s reached it. There is a red tack in the wall next to the staircase. If it’s on the wall to the left side, it means the landing is free. But, if it’s on the right side, you better turn right back around.
Lance took the tack from the left and moved it to the right. His fingers through two of my belt loops he pulled me up the stairs, all the while smiling.
He sat down on the landing, his feet resting on the top step. I sat on top of him, my legs straddling his. We began kissing.
We hadn’t been making out long when between kisses Lance said, “So…are…are you ready?”

haha if you've made it this far, thank you for reading!
Honestly mate, I read the first few lines, and I knew where this was going to go.

I think you're trying too hard.
I laughed about the tack thing though. Thats hilarious!

Stair cases ftw!

Well, I've never done anything in a stair case, but I imagine its fun and uncomfortable.
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