Im looking for a good electro acoustic i don't want to spend any more than £1000. im just looking for suggestions and ideas of what I could get for my money at this time i've heard some Taylor guitars are good.

Thanks =]
I have a Taylor 214e, best guitar-related decision I've ever made.

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You should check in over at the acoustic guitar forum.

In the meantime, I have a Breedlove Atlas series that I absolutely love. I'd put it up against Taylors and Martins anytime. Made in Korea to keep the costs down, but they all go thru a final inspection in their custom shop before they're sold.
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I own a Morgan, bought it for 500 euro's... it's amazing!!! Sounds great, wood is great, nice finish, the neck reminds me of a les paul..... it's a great guitar...

you should really check 'em out when you come across one
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the thing i've found, when it comes to acoustic -electircs, is that there's a huge bump up in quality as you approach $500 USD,
and then from $500-1000, there isnt a proportional increase in quality and tone in relation to the price increase.

so, make sure you don't blow your budget for no reason.
especially if you don;t have the perfect way to amplify your new guitar.

in addition don't overlook acoustic guitars. you can get more for your money, if you buy a high quality acoustic and add an after market pickup to it later.

seagull, alvarez, breedlove, taylor, even takamine, make nice guitars.

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