I wrote this a long time ago. I'd been listening to the album "...and justice for all" (Metallica) a lot at the time, so you have an idea of the general style I had in mind.
I've changed it several times, as there are a lot of ideas I couldn't / cant word how I wanted or get fit in(title included, that came last).. That being said, have at it, I'm wanting to see what folks think!


I cannot see, cannot feel
Cannot bleed, cannot heal
Everything is gone now
Can’t you see what’s happened to me?

Pleasant memories haunt me still
I’m tired of this f***ing pill

Still alive inside of here
Some small part of me filled with fear
Can’t you see what’s happening to me?

Why is this so hard to do?
Is it something about you?
Numb inside but pain so great
More than I can tolerate

Pleasant memories haunt me still
I’ve had my f***ing fill

Pick it up and scream inside
Mind ripped wide
Throw down the last cigarette
The time has come tonight

Metal cold against my head
I think I know d*mn well I’m dead
No light seen ahead
Can’t you see what’s wrong with me?

No sound no sight
Alone tonight
Muscles tight
One last breath