It's not bad. It's certainly better than a lot of the crap going around. Voice is decent but singing is not the best. Corgan's voice was one of the reasons this song was so good. You're isn't bad just doesn't sound right for pumpkins. Rhythm is a little loud. Maybe too much distortion? IDK

Increase the voice tracks volume.
great job dude. I really liked the vocals what effect did you use to round of the notes. Really well done
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Pretty good I'd have to suggest for a start though to try to see if you could add some cymbal hits in there, including use of them for rhythm during the chorus, as well as some open hi-hats. Sounds good overall though
it quite overall good man, pretty good for a home recording cover. the the intro chords are incorrect.
D# - A# - G# x2
D# - A# - C - G#
D# - A# - G#

oh, or go here.

the little pull of needs to be tidied up and not done so quickly, its not as noticable during the chorus, but when its the only instrument it pulls off too quickly.

vocals are fine. a bit wobbly here and there but your pitch is pretty much spot on most bits.

good work
I appreciate all the feedback. I can't sing like Billy Corgan, but it's still nice to know I've at least got my pitch mostly right.
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Update, I've updated the original post's link with the NEWER (3rd) version, now with bass guitar, finally.