I started playing 2 weeks ago, and now spend ~2hrs a day just doing 1 minute chord changes. I do all the 1 min combinations of A C D E G F Am Dm Em twice. I also do a 'scaley' type exercise my guitar teacher taught me to warm up which takes about 15min. Then if I am feeling up to it I will do 30-60min of justinguitar.com's rhythm guitar lessons. I play around with simple songs in between exercises.

I feel like I am spending way too much time on chord changes, but I don't know which changes are important and which aren't. Should I be adding in exercises like finger gym and the spider? What other exercises should I do? Justin has a great intermediate practice routine, but no beginner routine.

no they have a both practice rountines just click beginners course on the side
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believe me, chord changes are some of the most important things you'll have to learn. For example if you play in a big band and you're basically the only guitarist, you'll have to know your stuff. It's like the basis of everthing imo. I think you're on a pretty good way. Maybe start practicing some advanced chords soon.
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What is a good chord change number per minute to hit before starting on the blues chords?

Thanks for all your replies, I can't believe I didn't see that starter routine on there.
Dude, if you can play chords with clean transitions you can technically make it as an artist. Seriously, a lot of music is just chords chords chords, with some guy playing some wimpy little lick.

But if you move away from mainstream music, then it can be a bit more interesting. IMO(In My Opinion) you seem to be trying a bit too hard, but then I just guess you're eager.
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Chord transitions are really the building block to everything else. You may want to add in other things to practice just to keep things interesting, but chords are vital.