I'm not sure if this belongs in a different forum, but anyways, has anyone heard any bands from the Maryland/Washington, D.C. area? Give your opinion on them. I think they are very very good. My favorite bands from this area are Beretta Jane, Of Broken, Ballyhoo! and aFRUDIANSLIP. I actually saw Beretta Jane and Of Broken last Saturday and they sounded better live than their cds.

Here are their websites, listen to their music:
Beretta Jane
Of Broken Ballyhoo!
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I'm from Frederick. Baltimore does have a pretty good scene IMO.

try out

All Time Low(they are from towson)
Tears Of Mars

there's more, just cant think of them now
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hey im from MD and i wanna get into the local music scene but ya im in highschool and everyones already in the band but they don't play shows or ****. i practice all the time and could definatly play rhythm for any skill and prolly lead for most bands. wheres a good spot to meet other musicians and how do you get into the local scene? like how do you get shows in MD?