I have played guitar as a hobby on and off for ten years. Due to breaking my arm in high school I no longer have full range of motion in my left wrist. As I have gotten older it has gotten worse and I developed arthritis. I recently bought a left-handed guitar and set out on the trying to relearn everything. After a month I could finally play some basic chords and scales. My question is has anyone else done this? Have they had any success? I can tell you its very frustrating but it is the only way I can play without pain.
lefties have done it before.

you can do it, its possible.
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Sounds like it needs a lot of determination.
Go for it though, keep it up.
i know a girl who is lefthanded but played a right handed guitar. she's very good. she got bored of playing the right handed guitar so she flipped it without changing anything. the bass strings are at the bottom and the treble at the top. she's better at that than with the regular right handed guitar.
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It's worth it to gain your hobby back again. In the long run, you will be very happy.