I can't decide between Epiphone Les Paul Standard plain top or a Fender standard Stratocaster MIM . I will be playing mostly classic rock like rolling stones led zep stuff like that. This will be my first electric guitar and im a beginner. Thanks. Oh and with the fender should i get the HSS kind?
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Epiphone LP ftw.
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LP for sure. Looks better. Should sound better too. Humbuckers are the way to go for your style.
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Why not a MIM Fender strat? It's the same price as the paul and so much better than the squier.

I'd say strat.
I think the question isn't "what's the better guitar" but "what would be a better decision for me." As in, since he's a beginner, he doesn't know if he should drop $400 on a decent entry-level guitar or $100 on a cheap, beginner guitar. I think, as a moral fellow UGer to another fellow UGer, I would recommend the cheaper guitar, just to see if the TS likes playing guitar at all. The Squier Strat can still be used to learn guitar.

But otherwise, Squier Strat = POS. Epi LP is much, much better.
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les paul wins this.
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Quote by Mecler
Why not a MIM Fender strat? It's the same price as the paul and so much better than the squier.

I'd say strat.
Well I cant seem to find any MIM STrats that ship to canada so if you guys see any post the link. Strating to look like Ill have to get the LP.
If living in Canada, check this site:

they have guitars just like the epi les paul and squiers, made in the same factory AND much cheaper.

I own the black beauty and it is 3 times better then the epi black beauty
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Always go with the epiphone. Im against buying Chinese goods but epiphone makes such quality stuff that I support the company. Epiphones are just as good as guitars hundreds of dollars (sometimes thousands of dollars) more expensive than they are.
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there are a few good ibanez around.
Look into them.
Visit your music shop regularly you might get a good second hand guitar for an amazingly low price.


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epi les paul is MUCH better than squier strat...but as stated above the mexican strat is the same price as the epiphone and much better than squier strat..if its between those 2 then the choice is preferance
in order of quality

MIM strat
Epi les paul

get the MIM and you wont have to upgrade within a year, you'll have a good, quality guitar
MiM Fender Stratocaster is much more worth it than a Squier.

First off, go to this link:
This Fender Standard Stratocaster (Made in Mexico) ships to Canada, and I don't think there is a shipping fee.

Second, its about $250 more than the Squier... it has a hell of a lot more quality and care put into it.
Here's the Squier:

The Fender Standard Stratocaster is much more worth the price. I guarantee it.

Oh, and here is the Fender Standard HSS Stratocaster:
It's the exact same as the other Fender Strat, except it has a humbucker for its bridge pickup... I think you should consider buying this one over the Standard Stratocaster, because humbuckers reduce the hum sound through that amp.

But the main thing is to pick an official Fender guitar rather than a cheap copy Squier.
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Your best bet is,
- Figure out your budget first & foremost...forget about what you can't afford and focus on what's within your range.
- Figure out your basic style preferences....as an example a Strat & Les Paul are near opposite ends of the scale in pickups, tone, setup, feel, shape, weight, etc.
Not saying that a person can't like both...but they are very different feeling/playing animals and many people adamently prefer one over the other.
- Look at what your role models are playing. Again...you can sound like them with out having the exact equipment that they have. But if your hero is Stevie Ray Vaughn, your starting point probably shouldn't be a BC Rich Warbeast. LOL Being a beginner, you don't needs to pop for top of the line models yet...but basic attention to the details of your hero's equipment will help you get started in the right direction.

- Finally, get out to a local guitar store and just try out as many different guitars in your range & that appeal to you, as you can. There is just no substitute for spending a bit of time with an instrument & getting the feel of it. Even if you end up buying online instead...it's still a good idea to get out and try some of your target models first.

If anyone finds a HSS fender standard strat that ships to canada please PLEASE msg me the url or post it here.
Quote by liamdude555
If anyone finds a HSS fender standard strat that ships to canada please PLEASE msg me the url or post it here.

Try searching eBay, its the only Canada shipping one I can find.


About $480 cdn, if you add shipping costs.
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