Can anyone recommend an amp that has that crisp and warm Metallica tone.

Budget = $800-1000 (preferrably $800 because im cheap and i wanna save money )

Music style = Metal and clean!!! An amp that has a nice clean tone would be nice. I do some strumming sometimes.

Power = Probably bigger than 30 watts.

Size = Don't care. Half-stack, full stack, whatever.

Type = Preferrably a tube amp if possible =\

I don't know if this will help but my guitars are Gibson Les Paul Studio, Jackson DKMG, and Dean Razorback.


I have a Peavey Valveking 112. Should i just take the cheap way out and buy a tube screamer since everybody is saying that VK sounds nice with a tube screamer? My current pedals are EHX Metal Muff and Boss DS-1.

dude you should totally do what i'm going

Blackheart Little Giant 5 watt head

and a home made cabinet

i'm just gonna line my pedals into it.

alltogether the project isnt gonna run me over $400 even with the head
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Sell the valveking and save up a bit more and get a mark IV. That should get you some good metallica tones.
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Does that total include the cab or just the head? Because if it's just the head I'd recommend selling your ValveKing and buying an ENGL Fireball/Ritchie Blackmore sig

http://www.youtube.com/user/xsajienx This guy on Youtube has tons a of vids of him playing through the ENGL Ritchie. Killer tone
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Well, the Krank Mini stack is only 25w, but its all tube so it sounds like a 50w solid state.

If your looking for crushing distortion that isnt muddy, and amazing cleans, play one at your local guitar center (most don't carry Krank from what I've experienced.)
ummmmmm, have a fiddle with a Marshall Jcm2000 it's cleans arent too bad, nowhere near fenderish, but still not bad
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Are you gigging? If not, more then 30 watts all-tube would be utterly pointless. JCM, Mesa, or Orange combo would be more then enough if you're just practicing at home or with a drummer.
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