So I've been playing close to four years, and up until a couple of weeks ago I had never used a metronome. I got one recently because I realized without one, my playing was going nowhere. So now with my focus on staying entirely with the beat, I'm going sooo slow. I've been trying to learn the song Polaris by The Human Abstract, and I've been practicing the very first riff for a week now, and can't seem to get it close to speed...using a metronome. I'm tempted to abandon the metronome, and go back to playing with spotty timing, because it's so much easier. Does it just take time to get used to the metronome? Like I said, I've been practicing it for a week now, and I'm stuck at 90bpm playing 1/8 notes, and the song is at 208bpm.
it doesnt really take practice to use a metronome. however to stay in time with the beat is a skill you need, though thats like a newbie skill...timing is one of the first things you should learn.....if you cant stay in time with a beat thats pretty bad. try practicing with chromatics, that will help you stay in time and also make you a faster player. chromatics really helped me last time, i went from playing 120bpm to 195bpm and im still practicing.
Yep it is going to take time because you have learned bad habits that your mind has intergrated, and that you are now trying to break. It would be like learning to type cross handed and doing so for years and then finally trying to type correctly. The mind uses implicit memory to retain the types of skills used in playing an instrument and ingrain it in our subconcious to be utilized at need. You're going to have to struggle through it or compromise and be sloppy.
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You know the long standing joke that guitar players have no timing? You just found out where it came from.

Seriously, playing with good timing is easy, but playing with perfect timing is incredibly difficult. Keep working at it, you'll sound better, eventually be able to play even faster than before, and it'll be easier to play with a band.