How do you legally change your name(real-life)? Should I wait until I'm 20 or can I do it now?

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you have to wait till youre 18 (or 21 depending on your location) then you got to apply for it or something like that and then you go to a judge to make it official. idk tho i just saw that on the simpsons when homer becomes Max Power.
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I want to change my name.

To like

Blank Danger blank :P

As in, "Rodney" and "Field"?
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You have to apply at your local town hall. It takes a while though. My friend immigrated here and it took his entire family two years to change their last name.
what's your name and what do you plan to change it to?
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what's your name and what do you plan to change it to?

Holden Magroin?
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I've heard of a person legally named "The Magical Poof"
No joke.
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you DO NOT have to wait until your 18.
i actually changed my last name and my middle name and im not 21 yet.
you need both parents permission, and its alot of friggin court dates.
if your passionate enough, change it.

there is no fee attatched either
In some cases you'll have to explain to a judge why you want the name change - and in your case of "blank danger blank" I'll bet you get laughed out, have you thought of how often people try that? I've had friends get name changes made from incomprehensible foreign name to a long used nickname with no charge - just a lot of paperwork.