I was bidding on e-bay, and kind of got screwed because I bid on 2 bodies at the same time hoping I would win one of them.

Well, turns out I got em both.

Now, I already know that I'm going to paint one of them a nice green, but what should I do with the other?

I might sell it since I don't really need it, I would rather buy a Telecaster body and customize it. But really, I don't know what to do.

The two bodies...


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give it the relic look man than sell it
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Well the one I paint green I'm going to give a nitro finish so it will be a natural relic, and not fake.
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Which one are you painting green?
And no one would've bothered buying that second one, so I'm not too sure why you would bid on both. The second one is like probably one of many in-stock. The first one, obviously a few people wanted, so I'm not sure why/how you ended up winning both.
sell the blue one, it looks like its already had work done on it. or maybe keep it for a build another time? or to practice painting techniques on for the other one
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The red one is not a Fender body. I doubt Fender has ever done a red burst, and if they did, they would have continued it on the back.
Neither seller mentions what type of wood it is. And for being 18 and 5 dollars each, it's probably plywood. It'll be fun to do a project on them, but don't expect them to sound very well.
pick the heavier one, use that as your strat, then just mess around with the other one, seriously, they're only cheap bodies. just have fun
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assistant bid on something like that and +1 on the relic.
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whichever one isnt plywood, but as mentioned; for the price you got them they probably both are.
the starcaster body is distributed by fender and was made in china. The color is probably accurate.. so Meclar is sort of right, but not really. The Starcaster body is made of basswood, and is solid.. that would be my pick to keep.. as you have no idea what the other body is made from.

good luck!

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Yeah, someone did the two into a double thing in the customizing thread, turned out ok.
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