Does anybody know if they still make them in Japan, or are they all done in Indonesia or China now?

I saw a Squier Jap Strat in my local pawn shop for about $250AUD (from memory), and I heard that the 80s Jap strats were often comparable to/better than many of the Fenders of the time.

So is it worth a second look?
I'm pretty sure there are some shops in Japan still. You can buy new japanese guitars online.

I really like the 80's japanese squier strats. I like the Fenders more, but still.
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i have an 80's ibanez strat made in japan bought it for almost 300 used.... it's a well made guitar
Japanese Squiers are much better than the Indonesian ones they make today.
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They've made all sorts of different Fender and Squier models at various factories in Japan. FugiGen stopped making Squiers in 1997 but by then they were only making a few models that weren't badged Fender.