Are the new studios hollowed out in the middle or SOMETHING? Some of the ones from like the 90's are thinner and lighter. But the new ones are lighter than an average Les Paul too, but they are the same thickness. Or my PRS has just gotten heavier recently.
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"Weight-relieving" I believe it's called. My '96 Studio is definitely heavier than the ones I played at guitar center recently.
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There's weight relieving and then there's chambering... What they did until last year was drilled holes in the body, aka swiss cheese holes, they've been doing that since the 90's. Last year Gibson decided to go the full chambered route with all of the non-custom shop models, though recently they started to offer the option of the old weight relief pattern (swiss cheese holes) or chambering for the Standard.

So pretty much any new non-custom shop Gibson LP you pick up will seem unusally light. If you want a true solid body LP from Gibson you have to get a Custom Shop model, which I find pathetic.
I know the new Standard models have much more relief than they had in previous years, so I wouldn't be surprised if they did the Studios the same way. The old weight relief holes were I think 9 holes about the size of a quarter. The new ones are nearly hollow.
Here's the old one:

Here's the new one:

To the poster above: I think there's a new "Les Paul Traditional" which is about the same thing as the standard, but without the massive routing.
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don't get it do what i did and wait until you can find a like new standard used for 1200
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