So i heard some people say that Line 6's Pod xt is an awesome thing. I wonder if it's worth the money, i like to mess around with sounds and perhaps find my own tone. First of all i wonder what you think about it, if you think its good enough for recording and such (stuff thats better than what you just do in your room) etc. Is this a decent product from Line 6 that is worth the money? Becouse im tempted to buy it, i'd just like everyones opinion about it. Thanks

It's an excellent piece of equipment. It sounds like exactly what you need. The recording is quite good. It takes a little time to figure out the tweaks and whatnot, but it's a very powerful tool.
Definitely worth it for recording. The tones are awesome, although i prefer the X3 because of the dual tone capabilities.

You cant really go wrong with it
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yes....very good...but id and i have paid the little extra for the x3
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They're pretty decent preamps in a live situation also, because of the array of sounds.
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Sounds cool! The reson i didn't mention the x3 is becouse some guys said this one was better in their opinion, but im gonna consider them Thanks alot guys.