I bought a half stack for $2,600. I don't use it. I'm an idiot for buying it. I hardly ever touch my electric guitar.

It's a Marshall 1960AV Cab, and a Krankenstein head. I was thinking if I sold it back to guitar center, I could buy a small combo amp(suggestions?), a banjo, and a decent acoustic.

The thing is, I bought the cab in April, and the head in May. I don't really wanna drop down in ridiculous price(I'm thinking about $2,250 would be reasonable). I was wondering if any of you guys have experience with selling things to guitar center, because I don't know if I should sell it to them, or sell it to some random.

Also, is there such thing as store credit? Because that'd make things a lot easier..

Thanks for the help.
well, u could just give the stuff to me... jk

its best to not sell it to GC and try to sell it here, ebay or craiglist. if u use any of those, ull definitely get the price u want
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Wow, thats some nice equiptment for not playing much, but to be more helpful, yes there is store credit at GC, and at least the one near me actually prefers giving you that. I don't see any reason why your plan to trade and get the banjo, etc. shouldn't work, good luck

Ebay and Craigslist are much more time consuming and difficult, i don't care what anyone says, if your local GC is at all reasonable, and the equiptment you purchased is in good shape, it should be fine, your not any more likely to get your moneys worth selling on ebay. Your choice whether you listen to me or the guy obsessed with shortening his words down to two letters lol jk
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Yeah GC is gonna low ball you to hell because they need to make a profit reselling it as "used" too.
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I also recommend selling through eBay or craigslist because GC is only going to give just over half of what you paid for it back (if that).
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Wow, thats some nice equiptment for not playing much

I was in a metal band when I bought it. Little did I know the metal band would die, and my side project with my friend would go big. We're recording a CD soon, and we're playing shows.. I wish I didn't buy this, because now I've got this big amp I don't need. Haha.
Here is what I was told by GC staff. They go to ebay and find whatever it is your selling back to them and they average 3 or 4 and give you 60% of that value.

So you see on ebay that the avg price (buy now) is 500.00 you get 60% of that or 300.00. So you bought a hellraiser 2 years ago for 700 and now are getting 300. sell it somewhere else i say.
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