So yeah, I finally quit being lazy and finished this thing up just today. I wanted to make some catchier sounding stuff, but still have some slightly complex riff/melodies. I also put a good amount of effort into the drums, but my keyboard stuff in this one isn't quite up to par with some of my other work imo. Anyways, hope you enjoy and I'll do C4C when I have time
New melodic metal.zip
The Drums were great.. Really great.

Moving on. The intro part took a little too long to become audible, I started to wonder what was going on, and why I was sitting here listening to silence.

The intro was cool, really nicely layered, but nothing jumped out and grabbed me until bar 41. That's a really great riff. It caught my attention immediately. The tapping that followed was also really cool without getting too obnoxious. I felt like it did go for a little too long, but it didn't get to the point where I was bored of it either since you kept thing's moving.

The verse is just a big fuzzy bunny of awesome. Or well since this is metal, perhaps you can envision the awesomeness spilling out of the fuzzy bunny after it being sliced up by a chainsaw? Either way, it released the awesome upon my ears.

The chorus was good, but it didn't really feel like it stood out. It did have a strong melody, but it felt a little too cliche at the same time.

I like the way you keep using the same themes but you vary them each time around, sort of like the thing you were doing after the second chorus.

I liked the bridge, but again it felt a little cliche, although nothing really wrong with that since it fit really well and sounded good.

The solo didn't really feel like a solo to me, it felt more like a melody line instead of jumping out like solos should, so that was kind of dissappointing.

Overall though, aside from the brief moment in the beginning where there was no sound, I really enjoyed the song, it was great, and as far as metal goes right up my alley.
It took a little too long to get audible in the intro. But, the intro was still cool. The build up worked really well, but I thought it went on a little bit too long.

The build up riff at 41 was awesome, as was the first Chorus. The verse was also fantastic.

Chorus II was perfect. Nice use of the second riff after there. I like that riff a lot.

The overdriven melody at 145 is great. Nice variation of the second chorus. The bridge and the solo were good, but the solo didnt really... I dunno. It didnt feel like a solo, but it was still good.

The drums were great, and the synth didnt overpower anything, which was really nice.

Good job, as usual.
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Great job, Zak, you keep outdoing yourself every time.
I want to join your band, this must be recorded!!

Everything was awesome, but the intro took a bit long to become audible, but it's okay, it was amazing peice of work. I do agree with the guy above, the solo should've been more solo-y. It was still fantastic though.
This is a good song on the whole. The drums were great, the keys added a nice background (although they're stronger than what I would usually prefer), and the riffs were solid.

I wasn't too fond of the rhythm of the acoustic intro, the quarter notes just sounded awkward. At bars 41 to 48, I could barely tell there was a rhythm guitar. When it came to the chorus, it didn't really feel like a chorus - it sounded more like an extended verse. If it wasn't for the labeling, I'm not sure I would have considered it a chorus.

The new lead at bar 145 was well needed at that point, as by then it was starting to get repetitive. Personally, I would have put the bridge before the second chorus, as that might cure any problem of repetition. At bar 177, the break just completely killed the flow. How the song ended I'm not so sure of, but it does work.

All in all, there's only a few things to be nitpicked, but besides that I think this song suffers from too much sameness - the riffs start to blend together and after a while it gets kind of boring. It does, however, make for a good atmospheric piece, but I have no idea if that's what you intended lol.

Good job, it's not my favorite I've seen from you, but it's good nonetheless.

Crit my latest?:
This song is awesome. It was epic in very aspect, and seemed like it would be a good song to finish an album with.

A couple of points though (Which I struggled to find), The verse didn't really give the impression of a verse, it didn't really feel like it would allow vocals on top of it (Although I'm not sure about this.)

The solo could have been longer, and more effective. I loved the guitarwork in the song, but it seemed like it was building up to a climax which ultimately didn't happen (Lengthening the solo could, IMO, fix that up immediatley.)

I think that the outro could have been pulled off more effectively, for instance a new fading riff, or a sudden, echoing stop.)

These points are just what I would do to the song, but you do what you like with it. I really enjoyed the song and would give it a 10/10.

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Haha oh wow... All of your songs are just amazing and really inspirational. Everytime I click to this section I just hope to see that you've posted something new. It's like it's impossible for you to make a song that wouldn't have this kind of "epic feel" to it if you know what I mean.
wowww.....im speechless. true,the solo feels more like a melody line,but it fits perfectly.this has to be made into a song, IMO. you mind if me and my mates cover this? we'll give u the cred.
Oh hai. it's my first post here at UG, so just a quick intro and hello, considering how many members hang out here (which is alot)

Im a solo artist by the name of flake... (not my real name but.. .whatever)
and i write music... And i play keyboard like a pro... XD (www.youtube.com/jezuzmcbob). there. wasn't that fast XD

anyways, zakatak... this is an awesome piece. i've only listend to the midi version, because this pc im on right nao dont have guitar pro.

keep up the good work!

- Flake

(wish my music was this good)
Dude... how'd you do that??? That's freaking SWEET! Love the acoustic in the intro and the strings are a nice touch... but over all it's the melodies that really stand out starting at measure 41 as mentioned before.

Crit mine?
Much appreciated
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You have no idea how much I wanna hear this finished.
The lead parts are incredible. You are a very talented writer.
My favorite is 41. The whole triplet to 16th note riffs get boring

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Haha good to see just how far this little tapping idea has come since I first heard it! Anyway, as I listen:

Acoustic intro is nice and doesn't bore me at all - I really like the way you only really have two chords but change the notes in the bass, so well-written. The build-up section isn't bad by any means but it's possibly that one bit too long. It's saved by the drums however, which are just awesome.

The first riff is insane. End of.

Tapping stuff is pretty quality, although I feel you may need a bit of variation come later in the song if you're using it both verse and chorus. I have to say though the chords underneath the tapping raise this section from good to great. The way they build up the tension is quality - beautifully written mate.

Verse Two is another awesome riff, I really envy your ability to write these metalcore-ish riffs...mine sound poor - Haha good to see you switch it up for the chorus - can see how well that would work with vocals as well, great effort! Build-up is solid again, but this is where I'm starting to notice the keys - just not really up to your usual (basically just go back and edit - we both know you can implement some outrageous melody here )

The chorus again is good and I bet that legato bit is awesome to play. Ah I was wondering when our friend the acoustic guitar would come in - it's good but I feel you can do so much more with it...probably harsh, but I'll always compare any little acoustic fill you do with the pre-chorus in your epic metal song. This section just feels all rhythm, whereas to my ears there needs to be a lead melody in either the keys or acoustic.

Short solo isn't bad, nothing compared to your previous efforts and again I'm sure you'll look over this when you have the time. Oh and that drum fill is just about good enough to masturbate over.

Only final point is that I think you finish on the wrong note. Can understand you want to avoid the cliched "end on the root" idea but where you leave it it just sounds unfinished...unless you want it that way, in which case: aim achieved.

Another very good song, still head and shoulders above anyone else here IMO...makes me both happy and slightly depressed every time I see one of your songs come out - that said I feel my DT one could be almost up there if I get the damn drums sorted

Keep it up man, hope you find someone to jam with, it's a shame this all going to waste
Some of your best work Zak! Really nice atmosphere and catchy too. This is the style i most prefer from your work.. not overly technical just very easy on the ears