I play an epiphone les paul standard that I i have changed all the electronics on and love very much , and was wonder is it worth the money to upgrade to an elitist or a Gibson just based on the quality of the wood? because if I were to get one I would probably end up changing the pickups
if you can afford it
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I don't think it would be worth it. Considering you'd be paying at least 1000 dollars just for a tiny bit better tone. If you have a good amp, the only reason people won't think it's a Gibson is because of the headstock logo. I say you stick with what you have, because buying a new Les Paul just for the wood is ridiculous IMHO.

Epiphones are great, stick with it, unless you want a new body style/different character guitar.

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I wouldn't rush to upgrade, but go for a high-end Gibson or something boutique so theres a noticeable difference when you do. Maybe branch out and get a cheap Strat or something in the meantime.
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to get a gibson thats better then it, you're looking at 2.5 grand, dont touch the studio's, well, unless you like older guitars, you can get a mid 80's les paul for 1.5-1.8 (better then the crap they pump out now imo)
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You could get an ESP Eclipse II instead. Great sounding/Playing guitar. However, if you don't have a good amp, you're not going to notice any difference in sound most likely.
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Go to your local guitar center and bring your guitar with you. Play a bunch of the gibson LPs and compare to your guitar. It's possible that you got a really good epi and you won't need to upgrade, but if you find a good studio or standard you'll definitely recognize the improvement in tone. The epi standard is very different from the Gibson line of LPs, so even though the alder-mahogany sandwich the Epi is made of is "inferior" on paper doesn't mean you'll like a "real" les paul better.
In short, we can't really tell you because we don't know what you've got and what your ears like.
may i ask what upgrades did you do to the electronics?? did you change the caps, pots, switches and everything? what did you replace them with? ive been looking to do this myself and any info on how it turned out would be great