I like the one where this cop starts hitting a little kid, and is then tackled by an older one.

There's also a really good one where a black woman is accused of giving a cop the wrong change. The cop tries to bring her in, she doesn't go and is then maced.
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lol at the end hes saying something about "if i find myself on youtube"

Well, he's on YouTube all right
i would havebeaten the **** out of that dumb police officer, i dont care if i would be arrested
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Damn, what an asshole. He could have been just like "Don't do that." and the kid would be like "okay." and it would have been fine.
I've been skating somewhere and we were getting kicked out by a cop. He was such a chill guy, and talked to us politely. We were walking off after he was done talking to us, but then the guy's partner came and was the biggest ass hole ever. I tried asking him "Look, I know we're getting kicked out, but for future reference, where can I absolutely NOT be?"
This is because we were skating in front of a school, and the school has a park we also skate in a lot. Needless to say, he pulled out his tazer and started threatening us. He also used a lot of cursing.
Some are just power-hungry I guess.
It's like Superman reading the teachings of Jesus. The two greatest musicians on Earth hath combined forces. I officially quit music, as it has reached it's zenith with that cover.
I hate when I don't get a full story... Did they break something?
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