Hey all, apologies if this has already been posted. I'd presume it has, but search yielded nothing of note.

Anyhow I have a Jackson DXMG Dinky which currently has the stock EMG Hz passive pickups in it which I'd like to swap out for a set of Active EMG 81-85s. My question is what amount of wiring/modding would this require?

From the best I could figure out all it would require is I swap out the old pots for the new ones which come packaged with the pickups and then wire it all up to a single 9v battery which would fit in the back cavity.

Am I missing something here and does anyone know of any guides posted on the internet for doing this?

Thanks and cheers.
I think you're right, but with some further searching, I'm sure that you could be positive because I know there's several places on UG that would bear this answer.

That's all I know that you need, except for a new input jack (i think)
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Did you already buy the stuff? If not, what's your amp?

AFAIK, you'd need to just switch out the pots, like you mentioned, and then switch out the mono jack currently in your guitar for a stereo one.
Then, find a good place to put the battery. I'd recommend buying a battery snap-on clip to hold the battery, and mount that inside your guitar.
If you're halfway decent with a soldering iron then you shouldn't have a problem. Your actives will most likely come with instructions and everything you need except the battery and a battery clip. It will come with the wired +/- clip, I mean the metal clip that would hold the battery in the back cavity should you choose to use one.

SD and EMG both have very nice wiring guides
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^oh God. u sir have just bought the two amps that get ripped the absolute most anywhere on UG..........

dont get EMGs if u have a solid state. active EMGs are designed to drive a tube amp to its limits, so they end up sounding like s*** through a solid state. get a tube amp if possible rather than EMGs.
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Haha i know, buying a good tube amp is next in the line of business. Probably a Peavey Valve King.
Well I play mostly metal and out of all the tube amps I've played within the the $500-$700 price range the Valve King stuck out the most. What would you suggest though for combo amp within that range? I liked some of the Randall's but need to spend more time playing them.