My parents are making me move before my senior year and my dads getting a very significant pay raise. So I'm going to milk the situation for all it's worth.
starting with a new guitar.
The first thing thing that came to mind for me was an Epi Elitist LP in Alpine White
But i'm also interested in the ES-339
I've yet to play one. I love the sounds i get from hollow bodys but i'm a little on the small side and the es-335 is a little big and uncomfortable for me.
your experiences, opinions, etc.?
I want Super Saiyan abilities
since u have a working guitar, i suggest you try all the guitars out that you're interested in (and whatever else you can get ahold of). Dont buy a guitar until it's gleaming with good vibes, and even then, wait a bit and see if you're still interested. You have a working guitar; i suggest you hold out for the best possible guitar you can get.
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