Me and 4 of my friends have created a band, we got 2 lead guitarist, and our singer can play guitar to, but not needed...

we got no band name...the other lead guitarist suggested that we should call us Rock Heads, but our friends laughed at us

please help us

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I think you should get a name before you worry too much about songs
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I think you should get a name before you worry too much about songs

I think you guys should get some songs before you worry to much about a name. What good is a band with no songs?
i don't got any recordings, but i do got a video from my solo in the song(few mess-ups) and here the main riff for verse, it works good for metal and rock, but best for rock...

i think it's around 150bpm and 8th notes(i THINK)

and Video
like said, i've only played 3 months
So shut up that you find mess-ups, because it's plenty of them...

Just post the first thing that comes up in your head

Reason for EDIT: forgot to post tab xD

Found the sucky lyrics...we took inspiration from one family member...


Intro riff x3
End intro riff

One day I woke up
And I felt something strange
I had no thoughts left
I had a memory loss

Pre verse + last intro riff

The world was dark
My friends were gone
I was all alone
I had a...


Memory loss!
Memory loss!


I felt dizzy
I was scared
It was so quiet
Because of my...




Intro riff x2

Solo 1



Intro riff x2

Solo 2

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The Riff has gotten a bit changed

Palm muted

Hope This Helps, cause all i've figured out was this :P
I'm thinking that solo should be a half step down or a full step up. Based on your riff there's no way you should be soloing in g minor
ok, but i wanted suggestions for song name or some band name...but we'll only take inspiration from your suggestions
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Amnesia, for either song or band. Although for a song it'll probably make it sound a bit proggy.

i'll ask the band