in august im inheritting a 1998 ford escort from my father, well not inheritting, but being granted use.

and i want to put in a decent sound system, with good bass and all.
how much does that usually cost and how would i install it?
I'm broke, but it's a folded horn enclosure, so it has to be good and probably overkill, plus building a sub is really cheap, it costs like $100. And I've only heard good things about Bill Fitz Maurice. I'm not saying to go and build, but just keep it in mind when your shopping for other subs.

The subwoofer I had, I found in someone's garbage.
it can be pretty expensive, you'd need an amp, subwoofers, maybe some tweeters and 6x9s and whatever else you want. it really just depends on how much you wanta spend
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haha. yeah i want to go as cheap ad good as i can.
hows the dumpster sub going for you?

The speaker itself is held together with duct tape, and the wood enclosure is starting to fall apart at the seams. It makes more of a buzzing noise than bass. But I need my bass, no matter how ****. I plan on building that sub, whenever I get cash.
I just have this

Which cost me a hundred.

And these

Which cost me $69

Both go pretty good. Plus you can always pick up a cheap subwoofer at Cash Converters or soemthing.
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haha. yeah i want to go as cheap ad good as i can.
hows the dumpster sub going for you?

if you really wanna go cheap then get a hello kitty boombox that takes battiries
That AutoTuba horn seems good for being so cheap, but really it's not as ideal as a speaker should be. In theory, speakers should return a flat response. This isn't as flat as one would like.

However, me being as dirt poor as I am, I'll build this for my Volks van. Hopefully it'll be good enough even for hooking up my mixer+Pod so that I can play gigs at beaches with my bassist and other guitarist lol.
could i just use a sub with the current system?
like could i just add a woofer to what i have now? or would it sound like ****