So I have been looking for a new electric guitar. Basically its gonna be used for playing solo metal type stuff, some neoclassical, prog metal, and just other random dicking around on. So, I have found several models of guitars and just wanted yalls take on each one.

1.) Dean Vendetta 1F

2.) Epiphone Goth Les Paul

3.) Kramer Striker FR-422SM

4.) ESP MH-50

5.) ESP LTD MH-53

6.) Agile AL-2000 w/Floyd Rose


Can y'all please give me some input on each of these?
id go with the epi the one i played had pretty hot pups
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LP, with the economic slump in my area, and pretty much across the country, I lost alot of business and had to start getting rid of alot of tools to try and stay afloat. And in the end, it just didnt work out. I would love to build my own guitar, and maybe if I had the time I would, but right now I just dont.

But I like the ones with the Floyd's but I just dont know if I want to pay extra just to get one cause I have never used one before.
Okay, so I have decided that the things I want are;

Maple fretboard
At least one humbucker
A Floyd style trem

So of these three guitars which do yall think is better?



Kramer Striker FR-244SM
id get the mh 53 its the best one for the price there..... have you considred a jackson?
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I havent found any Jacksons that I like with maple fretboards. Thats one of the few things that I kinda, well not really have to have, but just want it.

EDIT: Oh and the 103 is only $50 more then the 53.