My amp doesn't have a headphone jack, and I want to play and use headphones for late night playing. Is there any other way I can play with headphones?

Vox amPlug?Pocketpod?
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vox amplug comes to mind.
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I might actually be possible to add a headphone jack to your amp.....anyone got a schematic?
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I might actually be possible to add a headphone jack to your amp.....anyone got a schematic?

The amount of effort that would involve would probably negate just buying one of those cheap headphone amps.

It definitely is possible, but that doesn't mean it is practical.
There are some cheap MFX pedals (like my old Zoom 505II) which for actual playing don't cut it but for practice are really very good due to their modeling capabilities. I use that to play when I only have a tiny amp / am not near my amp, and the output on the pedal specifically says 'phones' not 'amp' which I guess is an indication of their intended uses.
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I had to buy something for headphone playing, too, since tube amps don't have headphone jacks.

So I went to Long & McQuade to try out all the small SS amps, thinking that a small SS practice amp would do the trick -- I have the effects I want, so all I wanted was a good clean and good OD. I tried all of them in the store, and they all suffered from similar problems as the Marshall MG: harsh trebly clipping, bees-in-a-tin-can style distortion, etc. When I played through a good pair of headphones, they sounded even worse. I couldn't bring myself to buy one, so I checked out the Amplug & Pocketpod.

The Vox Amplug looks the most elegant, in that it provides a couple of functions relatively well, and it plugs right into the guitar. It also comes with a cd/mp3 input for jamming along to recorded music. What it lacks is a DC adaptor -- it needs to run on batteries, which is why, in the end, I chose not to get it.

I wound up getting a Line 6 Pocket Pod. It runs on batteries if need be, it has a DC adaptor jack, a mini-uhb for hooking up to a computer (for tweaking the presets through software), it has a clip to fasten it to my belt or guitar strap, and many models & effects. The artist-based presets are nothing special, and many of the models aren't particularly accurate, but there is enough there for my practice needs. I can also place my wah & other pedals in front of the Pocket Pod, which is something that the Amplug isn't designed for.

Compared to any real tube amplifier, it sounds very digital. Compared to good stompboxes, the effects sound way too wet. But for home headphone practice (& domestic peace with wife & baby), it was good enough for me. In particular, I like the way I can hook up to my computer, where I play slowed-down songs through transcription software for learning purposes, while playing with my other pedals into my head phones.

They are (obviously) no replacement for a tube amp, but I thought they sounded much better than the other small SS amp combos, and I didn't want to buy a little combo with a crappy speaker that I didn't really need.

If you take it for what it is, IMHO the Pocketpod is a useful tool.
^ The Zoom G2 looks like a neat alternative.

It is a little less expensive than the pocket pod, but it doesn't have a cd/mp3 line in for jamming along with tunes, should that be something the OP would like to have.
I've tried the amPlug and I wasn't impressed, just to let you know. Pocket pod's been getting a good reception.
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^At risk of thread hi-jacking, which Amplug did you try? (AC30, Classic Rock, Metal) What did you think it did not do well?
id rather have a micro cube, tbh.

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Most amp give so bad phone out signal. Get yourself an modeling unit if you thinking of playing with headphone. I recommend a Pocket POD as a starter. If you like it then upgrade to a POD X3 later.

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or you could get something like this:


for use with an all tube amp that does not have a headphone jack. Also, I don't think it was stated but do not try to plug headphones into a Ext Speaker jack or anything else like that.
^That headphone tap & dummy load looks pretty cool! Have you tried it out?
Buy a toneport!
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