Allow me to impose on you sir

I have no place to stay

My heart is cold right through

I must tell you a tale of a family and

I swear thats its nothin but true

There was once a happy family

of joy sarah john and nick

living with love and harmony

I recall the smiles on their faces

and the love they gave

and each day I would walk by their house

through springs, summers dawn and dusk

until one day I found sarah weeping in the woods

for as if she had seen her doom in her final blood soaked night

I see sir I have your attention glad to see I'm understood

for days and weeks passed as Dusk Fell

I gave them visit in the middle of the night

and to my disbelief sarah had been slashed repeatedly tied up and hung

and joy herself was bludgeoned to death with a crushed lung

and in their sleep little nick was robbed of his life

Punctured repeatedly and neatly slashed with knives

They never caught the man

But I hear he has done many more

Poor families robbed of there lives

Quote the Raven" Nevermore Never more"

In fear for my life I left my home

I drift from land to land

but I hear you are a kind and gentle man

and to extend to me a favor of earthly bliss

Forgot to introduce myself my name is jon

are you beckoning me in
Last edited by shanchu at Jul 8, 2008,
interesting images come to mind,
i like the images,
its like quick clips out of a bad 70s horror film

and everyone loves low budget old horror films :]

"In fear of my life I left my home"

instead of fearing your own life,

how about fearing FOR your life?