Is it gay to be a male who listens to barry manilow.
Any other fello male fanilows?
B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST. (modded)
Gibson les paul studio, Re-finished
Crate Bv120 half stack
Boss BCB-60 Pb
Dunlop, Cry baby Wah-Wah
Boss Ds-1
Boss Dlues driver
Boss Giga delay.

Dark side of the moon < The wall
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I enjoy yelling along to Copacabana whenever I hear it. If that makes me a "fello male fanilow" than so be it.
If you could blow up the world with a flick of a switch,
Would you do it?

If you could make everybody poor just so you could be rich,
Would you do it?

With all your power,
What would you do?