i wrote this on my last birthday, july 5, when my best friend, who im head over heels for (gay boy straight friend situation) sort of abandoned me. i told him i was gay and it didnt go over well. but in the end it strengthend our friendship i guess.

but this strikes me as uncatchy in places, or like the flows disrupted, and any help would be appreciated.

Fall In July

Last night was the 4th of July
and i wished on the first star in the sky.
I wished that you would come back to me,
while i walked over some flaming toy novelties.
If you came back,
everyone would want to be us,
but you havnt,
so who the hell wants to be us.

I need you here and i need you now
because these roman candles and black cats
seem so dull in this you-less green grass.
But rockets and missles, and exploding red mines,
are the perfect description of the friendship we've designed.

"Please dont take him away from me,
Let us be the way we used to be."
This is what i wished for you and me,
And the first firework was blown to smitherines.

You're so much more than the hand that held mine,
You keep me on the edge,
but keep me from falling over.
Now that i've fallen
whose gonna catch me?
In fiery pollen
i'll land in hot debris.

Please dont take him away from me,
Let us be the way we used to be.
This is what i wished again for you and me
and the grand finale firework dulled untill unseen.

Snakes and smokebombs,
Sparklers and fountains,
I lay here and wait
and think all about him.
Although the shows over,
the masses aren't done,
at least until morning,
When first light kills their fun.

I found it again, that same first star tonight,
its brilliant beauty blew my mind as it shone up in the sky.
I thought that you could relate and said "Maybe things will be alright."
And i'll make it through this lonely cold July.
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