How is this compared to a Peavey XXX combo?
I would like to add an OD pedal to tighten up Distortion... But its this or a Peavey XXX. How do they compare?

I play thrash/Power with a tad touch of Death metal...
A LOT of people don't like the XXX. I'd suggest you try them first.
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

I would normally agree, but I have only been able to test the XXX. Its a great amp, I would like to go back to try it with an OD and guitar closer to my own...

Nowhere around me has the Randall, so just asking about how it compares. Seeing as how the Randall is 200-ish dollars cheaper.
i'd rather have a xxx, but as azrael says, try them both and make your own mind up.
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The RG50TC has ****LOADS of gain and pretty decent cleans but I really don't have an ear for cleans.

IMO the gain sounds really nice though.
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