im not too sure is this the right place because i have never had to ask something like this before but.....

I started a thread over in bandleading for UG'ers to post their upcoming gigs. However i was a little shortsighted and i only have one post at the front of the thread for all the gigs. Needless to say... that post is now full. What should i do?

I would think the most obvious thing to do would be start a new thread, with a link to the old one and ask a mod to close the old one....... but im just posting here to see is there another way around it

if you deleted the gigs which have already occurred does that give you enough room? or only add the gigs over the next 6 weeks or so, not ones too far in the future?

maybe PM Johnljones7443 or psychodelia about it and see what they'd suggest/prefer you did
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My guess would be to infom everyone that you are going to make a new thread.

But before you make one, talk to a mod about being able to remake your thread.

Then if they give you the go ahead, save ALL the info from the previous thread, and either delete that thread or have a mod close it.

Then make the new thread, and reserve maybe 3 or 4 posts after the original post.

By reserve I mean like what jof1029 did here

Although I'm not sure what to do, that is what I would do.
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You can ask a mod or the person who posted second in the thread to edit the second post and use that too.