when you play fast, does you forearm tense up? if so, a little or a lot?
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yes. but its been reduced through constant practice.
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It still tenses up but I focus on the tension untill I get it to go away. Tension = bad
at first it did now it all comes from the wrist
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yes, buckets
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Mine does... & Oh Boy can it start to hurt..! But i wondered if that's because my Ibanez is so neck-heavy, my arm/wrist is under strain from just holdin the thing up?!?! Even with the strap, it becomes uncomforable after a while. OOppps.. gone off topic a bit..

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Quote by sacamano79
when you play fast, does you forearm tense up? if so, a little or a lot?

Define fast...a little but nowhere near as much as it used to and I'm still working on it, at the moment I can reach 16th triplets at about 115-120bpm without any real tension.

To play fast you should be aiming for as little tension in your playing as possible, the more you tense up the more likely you are to injure yourself and you might also be using spazzy tremolo picking which indicates a lack of control over your picking. Remember: shred isn't about speed, it's about control.
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Not really, never has. But really depends what I'm playing.
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my forearm is fine, but my shoulder has tensed up before (like the outside, not the top). Any time that happens though i just try to really focus and get the tension to go away. I will stop playing for a minute or just slow down. This is only with fast picking obviously.
Sometimes with lots of fast downpicking, but a lot less than it used to when I was beginning.
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