Well I just came back from my cousins and He has like 4 Saltwater fish tanks. And ive seen they're pretty cool.
But they're Expensive...
Like Coral and Live Rock.
He bought a Brain coral the other day for one hundred bucks. Pretty expensive...
But his tank is a 450litre tank soo far enough he needs lots of coral and live rock..

I was thinking to get 1 like this:

Soo yer what do you think?(I might sell my Acoustic Guitar, to get the fish tank)
And also does anyone know about good aquariums in Campbelltown??(Sydney, Aus)
I heard Strictly's Aquarium is good but expensive...
search yellowpages for an aquarium and yes it is a good idea. i might set up my tank again.
Quote by bluephyre
get freshwater first, theres a lot more to fishkeeping than meets the eye

I have fresh water atm...
but the fish are bloody ugly!
I'm happy enough with my Tropical tank, Marine tanks, as pretty as they are, seem like a bit too much effort to me, as for 'ugly' fish, don't buy them, Clown Loaches, Gouramies, Tetras, Discus, Chiclids and Bettas are beautiful fish, just need to look around for them.