Wow..really influenced by Taking Back Sunday.. A few bars of your intro make me think that they sound like the intro of Ghost Man On Third..Pre Chorus(1:07) seems out of tune..Although the clean lead in chorus is nice, it doesn't fit to the background distortion rhythm.. I think it's just because of MIDI.. not ur fault..The outro is not nice with that "Oboe" or something sound over the guitar..it's like flooding the sound of guitar... You should change that..and next time, don't bother posting GP files.. it's much easier and enjoyable to listen songs with RSE... and of cuz urs will be better in RSE..I won't give ratings because I still can't predict how it will sound live....But surely, I can give ratings as soon as u post in GP format
I'm writing as I listen

The intro is really great and melodic I love it when the second guitar comes in 10/10

I think the pre chorus sounds weird with the second guitar, so improve guitar two for that 6/10

The chorus sounds great! 9/10

The verse sounds great but a lil' to repetative(sp?) 8/10

The Choir is a little too repetative but it's great when the guitar comes in 8/10

Overall: 8/10 I think it's great but a little too repetative.

When I put up my work (whenever I can come up with something) I'll post a link so you can crit mine
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