I imagine it's been asked a million times before but has anyone (specifically in the UK) ever ordered from this site, and if so were there any problems? And how long did the order take to arrive?

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The ESP was from there, after making the order it took about 2-3 days maybe 4
yes , i have, i ordered a searchbar and it took 0.35 seconds to get the results
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Actually no

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I did, I bought a guitar and an amp, the amp arrived a week later than the guitar and there was poor communication about the status of my items

I'd buy from them again though, and they are moving distribution into the UK soon anyway so it can only get better.
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Used them once. I ordered on the Thursday and the item arrived on the Tuesday morning; not bad to say it included the weekend.

The only tiny glitch I had was that they took over a week beforehand answering my email query. I don't really consider that a problem though, they must get a huge volume of email questions.
yeah theyre just awesome
pretty fast
i order all my stuff there
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I ordered my guitar from there.
They were extremely quick and efficient, the price was fantastic too.
I'd definitely use them again.
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