Well my girlfriend has bought an acoustic guitar and it sounds great, so good to feel vibration rather than hearing an amp.
We both know chords scales and all the hoohah but I really enjoy how acoustic players play a chord and say they're fingerstyling it - alternate strings and create a mezmerizing affect...

With that in mind, I just want to know from more seasoned acoustic players, what have I been opened up to with acoustic that I can't really achieve on my electric?
Discluding obviously great tone and better strengthening of the fingers.

Tips and tricks if you will, song recommendations and the likes.
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well, acosutic is a whole new world from electric, it sounds btr, more natural, its more fun (sometimes) as u can play and sing, it will also help ur srength and make u alott btr in electric,, and above all, acoustic is music from the soouul .. electric jst sounds too mechanical..

and well im not sure wat lvl u are exactly,, but oh well heres some gr8 songs:

mama said - metallica
nothing else matters- metallica
acoustic medley - inflames
broken -seether
under the bridge- red hot chilli peppers
far away - nickelback
one last breath- creed
rockstar - nickelback

jst to name a few hav fun


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The best thing about acoustic is it can be played anywhere, take it on the road. camp fire sing alongs lol.
I only own an acoustic, but I mainly play bass. Acoustic has opened my eyes to tons of new music, also it creates so many new opportunities to play in different places (busking is fun).
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You can take it basically anywhere with you without any hassle, sing along with friends while playing, etc.
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anything that sounds heavy on an acoustic is going to sound badass with an electric and a good distortion

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So in other words not much hahah...
As for my playing level whoever asked I don't know hwo to answer that, I'm pretty good, not a metaller or anything I don't just palm mute andn hammer away on one string I like to go in a jazz direction and I can improvise with soul on an electric (it's not plugged in all the time) so acoustic just makes it louder.

Basically it's lighter to carry and the strings last longer.

My brothers favourite band is Metallica so I'm familiar with some of those songs, and the Chilis etc.
I'll go about learning songs and see what I develop as a style perse on acoustic.
*shrugs* I don't know...
Learn how to finger pick. It's something that I'm working on doing.
Acoustic guitars are played with more complexity. Like dreadnought said, the instrument is more dynamic. Listening to 30 seconds of some good acoustic guitaring is as complex as 5 minutes of any electric guitar playing you'll hear. There's just so much going on.
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Definitely far more dynamic than electric.

For me its a much much much more personal experience involving a lot more style and expression since most acoustic songs aren't like RAWRRRR LOOK AT ME SWEEP UP AND DOWN SCALES WITH NO SOUL OR STYLE. Don't get me wrong though, I love when electric guitar is played with soul.

....I'm just sick and tired of people obsessing over guitarists that can sweep at 10,000 notes per second and then dismissing a guitarist for crap because they play slow. Even though the latter plays with 400 times more soul and style. (a lot of these people loom the other parts of this forum but usually stay out of the acoustic forum thankfully)

I think what I would say as to why I love my acoustic so much more than my electric is that...to a degree...a person can amp/pedal/effect their way into any sound with an electric. This isn't to say the sound isn't the same, but a lot of times when you hear a song on electric, you can tell it was written to be a hook and then given the "feel" later in a studio. With an acoustic, it only makes the sound it makes. You can't **** with it too much. So, it's more impressive to me to hear people writing songs on acoustic because they have to know their instrument. It takes the songwriter from being a dude who arranges sound (or dudette), to a man-guitar partnership which expresses the deepest parts of the collective soul of both. Also, in my experience, no two acoustics ever sound the same, and no two players can ever get the same sound from any acoustic. That's true a little bit with electric, but more, I think, with acoustic.

Just my two cents.
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Those were the types of answers I was after, cheers for the links and artists to look up. Just for the record I'm against pedals hahah, guitar - amp if it's even on at all...

One more thing; finger picking songs to try?
I can do Nothing Else Matters and My Favourite Things which is awesome, I want to head in a flamenco dirrection so if anyones got something to say for that please do.
*shrugs* I don't know...
I can tell you a lot about that one, but your electric guitar won't be any use for it
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It sounds better IMO, you can sing, and it will make you a better electric player in the long run. (playing acoustic develops a very clean technique since there's no distortion/high volume to hide your mistakes). also IMO you are not a full guitar player unless you can play unplugged.
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Listen to Nirvana's unplugged stuff. I much prefer them acoustic.

Sometimes it's just more fun and you don't have to worry about the hassle of leads of everything. Getting back to the basics and just having fun and also it's very transportable for camping and busking etc.
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A few other players to check out are Leo Kottke, Kaki King, and Michael Hedges, though they're not the easiest players to emulate. Still, it'll give you an idea of some of the things that you can play on acoustic that don't translate well to electric.
I like the fact that you can take your acoustic anywhere you want. It's a travellers best friend. It doesn't whinge, it likes for some one to play with it.
For me playing an acoustic is personal. So much more can be conveyed.
Check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaV9yPc_EYw&feature=related
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If you play acoustic fingerstyle, you are a one man band which is hard and impressive. Electric you usually need a band or at least it is more fun that way. Most of the time electric guitar plays high notes only accompanied by another guitar or a bass. Acoustic guitars people can play all the parts by them self.
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Can your damn electric do this?


The acoustic is a much more dynamic instrument.

I just came.

On topic, I think acoustic demands a lot more from you. You can't cover sloppy playing with distortion, and it's a lot more organic. And I connect a lot better with accoustic when I'm in the "zone." And some chords just don't work with distortion, you get a lot more tones out of acoustics.
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you can use the body of an acoustic as a drum...


Kaki King is nice. But that video is nothing compared to this...


Mombasa by Tommy Emmanuel. I swear, Tommy Emmanuel is the coolest person on earth. He's an amazing percussionist, acoustic guitarist, electric guitarist, and he has an Australian accent. I wish I had at least the australian accent... LOL.

EDIT: here's a better version. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VdFRrZQags4&feature=related
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Fingerstyle picking. Dust in the Wind. I still can't play the ****ing thing right, but it's close enough to be fun, and it really makes you work on your TRavis picking. Also, just a great song.
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What does acoustic do for me that electric doesn't?

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I don't think acoustic has more "soul" (guessing there's such a thing) than electric, is all about the player at the end of the day. In my experience, acoustic is way difference, but still, you can transpose songs of electric to acoustic and vice verse, the feel is different but not necessarily better or worse.
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Acoustics have a natural and organic tone. It allows you to be very percussive and expressive with the notes you're playing. In my personal opinion I think playing the acoustic really allows songs to come out when you are writing. You don't need to lug an amp around whereever you go. Not to mention it feels pretty damn good when your digging into the strings to get that tone that we all know and love.
Personly.. I think that cclassisc guitars sounds better than electric... I love to play on classics (Y)
What I enjoy is the ability to make different sounds come out of it... depending on how you touch it, a lot like a woman lol I try to write a lot of "dave matthew-ish/john mayer-ish" chord progressions and i enjoy the ability to strike the low strings as bass notes and the high strings to follow and fill. Not only that, you can strike the same high strings in so many different ways, get bright sounds, quick mutes. I try pulling that off on the electric, setting my pedal to acoustic... not the same. It feels like the electric just spews it out, where as the acoustic is so contained.