the RX120DHS specifically, can anyone give me reason to get it or go for another model, also does it suit a blues style
The RG50tc would be a far better choice because the sound is much better. Also Randalls are normally designed for metal so blues might be difficult.
Get the RG50TC instead, but if you need a bluesy tone, I'd go with a Laney VC50 instead, it's more versatile
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Its a nice amp, and with the gain set back a bit im sure you can get some nice bluesy tones out of it...i do it often with my G3 and it delivers a lovely warm tone! your should to with the 50watt jaguars loaded in it. But as georgewfletcher said above...randalls are geared towards metal...perhaps go for something by fender? or even polytone?
I think you would be better off get a tube combo than that half stack. like other people said randall is geared towards metal. I would suggest a fender hot rod blues junior, vox ac15, peavey classic 30, or if you save a little a peavey delta blues. any of those and maybe look into a boss blues driver or a tube screamer for a little more grit.
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