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and don't mind the horrible guitar solo

i just did it so the song would have one

What? You mean you put in a guitar solo just for the hell of having a guitar solo?

That defeats the purpose of having one, you should only have a guitar solo if it's going to add an element to the song that was missing. If the song can have the same effect without it, there is no point in having one.

Edit: Kudos, some cool riffs in there. With vocals it should be good, gets a bit repetitive and boring without them though.

And ah, the 'horrible' solo, despite it sounding like you did many mistakes, and it's sloppy as hell, could possibly end up sounding good with a bit of work.

Really cool though, if this was professional quality, and had vocals (and no sloppy solos) I'd actually buy it.

Will try look out for anything else you do.
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