Ok i need a new guitar since ive been playing on a no-name strat until now. ive been playing for around a year and i think ive improved ok. I can do 4 string sweeps, some legato, and stuff.

Anyway i mostly play metal and shred but also some rock. I like bls, metallica, pantera, ozzy, led zeppelin, guns n roses etc. etc.

My budget is around 800 dollars (flexible) but im tottaly confused so please help. My friend suggests a alexi laiho signature but its got only one pickups. Anyway please help me choose a guitar.

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I like Jacksons personally. Look at a DK2M or a DKMG. I'm sure a million people are gonna post a ****load of Ibanez guitars, but its your personal preference. I'd try a few different ones before buying something.
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Why do you so sure you don't hate your amp? Have you ever played your current guitar through a $800 tube amp?
I say u should get a dean dimebag darrell or search for a jackson/esp/ibanez on zzounds.com with like 24 frets n whammy bar etc etc.
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Have a scope at the Epiphone Les Pauls they'll have a few in that price range, in particular the 3 pickup Black Beauty (the most beautiful guitar ever, mmmmm) or LP Standard.
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no lol dont get an epiphone.. its a wannabe guitar, and not too good for shred either
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ibanez rg1570. pickup swap down the line wouldn't hurt either.

most people will tell you to consider an amp upgrade too. I'd agree with them.
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