I've alawys liked how in flames use's two hamonized guitars and i know that there is a pedal to do that but 1) how much do they cost 2) how easy are they to use? 3) which brand is best

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some a real expensive to have a good versatile range in the harmony, im guessing 500 for a good one, they are easy to use but from personaly use with older models u have to set the harmony like 4th, harmony and what key u are playing in and are unable to change it automatically, but im sure there is one where u can now

thats all i can help with soz
whats a harmonizer pedal

i dont do much in pedals except for chorus reverb o.d and wah.. and resonance.. and talk.. and delay.. and

ya whats a harmonizer
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harmony, like harmonized notes

a pedal does this automatically

like.. it simulates a second guitar?
dont get a whammy pedal the harmonizers sound awful and really digital
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