It's summer and i'm on vacation in houston for 2 weeks so i am away from practicing. when i come back, i'm going to absolutely suck, is there anyway i can keep myself from sucking when i go back?
Two weeks is not a time in which you forget how to play. I even find myself playing better after some days of guitar abstinence. ;p
buy a cheap acoustic or something if you are that desperate to play
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When I went on holiday last year, I was pining for my guitar for the whole time. I wasted almost an entire day looking for a music shop so I could buy a guitar just to play it, even if I had to leave it behind.

But I got over it. You will too, unless you take it with you.
ive got the same problem but im flying so i cant take my guitar with me, whats a shred neck.
Yeah I know get a cheapo acoustic that you can just throw away, or at least a toy guitar.

EDIT: I took my Epi SG to Florida in a gig bag which included my picks, cables, and a talkbox that doubles as a 7watt practice amp.
And I took that as a carry on, so I know it wouldn't get destroyed.

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Get a hard case so you can fly without it getting damaged. And if you're good at packing, your guitar will be your only one piece of 'allowed' hand luggage.

I took mine all the way to Cuba, and made it on to the beach!
I am on vacation in Spain and I took my Strat with me on the plane. Noone even really said anything even though it totally goes against the regulations on the size of carry-ons. I figuered I would just bitch-slap anyone who tried to stop me with my hard case and run.
I remember last year I went away for a week and at about day 5 I was going insane, all I could think about was playing and there was no sign of a music shop in sight, plus I didn't have the money to buy one, I just stuck it out and played it as soon as I got home for about an hour. Try to keep active and don't listen to too much music (you'll only tempt yourself).
i'm not in any position to buy anything, and if you look closely at my post, i'm already on vacation.
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i'm not in any position to buy anything, and if you look closely at my post, i'm already on vacation.

Well like I said before you just have to deal with it, I will have to again in a few weeks.

Btw you wont suck after two weeks of not playing, after about 20 minutes of playing you'll be back to normal and it will be like you never left.