Poll: What do you give?
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View poll results: What do you give?
15 18%
33 40%
15 18%
37 45%
Gift cards
21 25%
8 10%
10 12%
I dont give gifts!!
16 19%
I usually cant afford to buy gifts
24 29%
Other(specify in post)
26 31%
Voters: 83.
I used the searchbar.
Whether it is Christmass or Birthdays or any occasion, what do you usually giv to your fellow people.
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Something they would enjoy =\
Dick in the box?
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Agreed. Dick in a Box
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You guise get dick in a box? All I get is dump in a box...
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Depends on the person obviously.
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CDs normally. Although I bought my friend a Gentlemans Ballstratcher last time, it was awesome.
CDs or gift cards if I don't give a rat's ass. But if it's special, I'd probably get them a hardbound copy of their favorite book or make something for them or something they really want...like a life-size Gundam figure. where the hell do I get one?
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cd's or gift cards mainly; but it depends on whether or not there's something sweet i can think of for the person
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CDs, clothes. Recently I've taken to stenciling images and writing on shirts, and I've been giving people clothing I put things on for this year.
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< = no money

when i can afford to buy gifts it's random. i ask them first most of the time.

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Clothes, music, very occasionally money, alcohol, gig tickets etc etc blah
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i just get nothing or chip in for what other people have bought
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Me too!
We should start a support group.
Gift cards the gift that says 'I don't know you'.


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cards for everyone.

for dad, it's usually slippers and christmas and humorous socks.

i get my friends chocolate.
Money IMO is the worst kind of gift. It basically says "I didn't want to spend time thinking about your tastes, so here you have money".

A tenner in a card, simple.

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clothes, you don't want as much detail as emptybullet gave you now, do you?
CDs, alcohol, gig tickets, or if I've run out of time to buy anything then I cook them a meal or take them out and pay for everything.
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Money IMO is the worst kind of gift. It basically says "I didn't want to spend time thinking about your tastes, so here you have money".

It's my favourite type of gift
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