im a newbie to these forums and im writing to see if anybody has any recommended settings for my amp which is a behringer bx 1200 ultrabass combo.
i have fiddled around for ages with the amp and i still cant get a good beefy bass sound,i appreciate that amp settings and tones are of a personal preference but i cant get a good solid bass sound no matter what i try.
i am playing a american standard fender jazz bass which i play through the passive input,i generally have the neck pick up knob on full and the bridge pick up on about 7,the tone knob i usually put at about 3 to cut down the treble sound.
there is a shape function on the 2nd channel which gives some compression but i still find that i am lacking some punch and i get a bit og a flat trebley sound.
i have even tried a bass eq pedal but find that is not much better.
any suggestions will be greatfully recieved as im now getting desperate
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A new amp. Behringers aren't known for their tone.

the same thought had crossed my mind
yeah got one from a friend of mine theyre just disgusting
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Get an Ashdown Mag, the best bass amp for people in there first few years of playing.
i have a Behringer and yea its hard to get good tone out of it. it took me a while to get something i like. im on the market for a new amp
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I also have a behringer and its a challange to get a good tone. I have an active bass and that helps a bit, but yes, your best option is to buy a new amp, that what im going to do.
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I have the exact same amp. I had the same problem--it never quite sounds like a bass amp. Honestly it's just too cheap and crappy.

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i have a Behringer and yea its hard to get good tone out of it. it took me a while to get something i like. im on the market for a new amp

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One simple equation to end all the Behringer users problems:

Ashdown Bass Amps > Behringer Bass Amps

Not much of an equation but there you go.
i used to have that amp. i sold it 3 months ago having not played it for years, favouring my 30-watt roland.

now i play through a mixer with a headphone amp. absolutely incredible sound, i don't know why more people don't try it out.
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