alright pit i need some councelling.

i'm at home alone right now
have any of you ever had a time where you felt all depressed all of a sudden because you look at things from a horribly pessimistic perspective?

i just realized that whenever i make plans with people it's always me calling them and asking them to hang out with me, it's never them calling me and making plans.

this is kinda making me feel like i have no actual friends. or maybe im just going insane because i'm home alone all day. i really dont know.

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You're awesome, dude.
you're 14, friends come and go at that age.

when you go to college / university you'll probably make some friends that stick a bit better.
Everyone has their off days
Tomorro you will probably feel fine, when people are left alone they tend to read too much into their lives.
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REAL ANSWER: ur overreacting to it. I never see my friends out of school hardly ever.
Yes! I get this all the time.
Don't worry, you will feel better if you go out, it's just because you've been home alone all day. I also had the me calling them thing, but I didn't solve that, I just got some new friends who do call me. Kepp the old ones, because they're probably just the lazy types who'd rather stay in and play videogames than have a life.

Worry ye not!
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Aye, I felt that way. And sure enough, once I got all upset my friend calls and says were going to hang out tomorrow. So I'm all happy now.
People think too much when they're bored, its dangerous. You just need to find something to do.
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thats what happened to me.just call people up or talk to people on xbox live if you have an xbox. if all else fails find some thing to do like play guitar opr listen to music
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opposite for me i have social problems and its verrrry hard for me to do that its a vicious cicle of lonlyness =P n like the toher dude i hardly everrr semy friends out sid of skool cz i live in a diffrent city then them
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I do get terribly pessimistic sometimes, normally at night. Then in the morning I wake up and think what and idiot I am.
Don't worry about it, I guarantee you it's because they have gotten used to a certain cycle of you always calling them. Frankly, if they don't actually want to hang out with you, you should find some new, good friends.
Your friends are probably just lazy. I know I don't call my friends to hang out, I'm the type to sit around until someone calls me. Maybe they're just like that?
If they are not calling you then it´s probably used to that you are the one that makes plans and calls everyone. Youll get over it.
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Same happens to me sometimes. You'll get over it.

yeh, i do a whole heap of **** for my friends, like give them loads of my music and introduce them to new bands and stuff and they never invite me to do stuff or anything.

it's always me asking them.

i feel taken for granted

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Everyone has their off days
Tomorro you will probably feel fine, when people are left alone they tend to read too much into their lives.


Last summer, the same thing happened to me. Just find something else to keep you busy, and you'll take your mind off of it.
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If they are not calling you then it´s probably used to that you are the one that makes plans and calls everyone. Youll get over it.

He's got a good point, the same happens to me. By now, most of my friends are used to me making plans, it just happens...also, believe it or not, some people are really just too lazy to make plans, maybe its too much thinking for them It doesn't mean they aren't good friends though. So there's nothing to worry about