We need to figure out how to apply the graphics from the attached pic to a Gibson Epiphone DOT es 365 in natural finish. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Here is some background on this project:

Wonders & Worries is the only organization of its kind to help children cope when a parent or other loved one has a chronic or life-threatening illness like cancer.

W&W services are always free of charge, provided to people of any age, gender, socio-economic status, and ethnicity, and are offered in both English and Spanish.

Wonders & Worries can help children & families
• Feel less anxious & sad about the changes within the family • Express their feelings and communicate better • Gain an age-appropriate understanding of the illness, its treatments and side effects.

Without support,the impact of a loved-one’s chronic or life-threatening illness on children can be heart-breaking. It can affect their mental health, family functioning, school performance, growth and development, and overall adjustment. Free support provided by W&W can help to reconcile these negative effects, and actually help children gain the resources to grow through crisis.

nice cover for your spam ad. I either support you in your efforts but suggest you go about it another way before you get banned, or I'm disgusted by you for exploiting such a sensitive subject. I haven't decided yet based on the massive lack of any helpful info.

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Not sure if hes actually advertising. As there is no link etc its hardly spam. Sounds like the place wants to do this guitar for some sort of give away. But as its a hollow body the biggest nightmare will be taking the bridge, controls etc out and then putting them back in to do the graphic. TS you should find an much easier to disassemble guitar for this project.
It's not a spam ad. It is for a give away for the Wonders and Worries project ( a non-profit org). We're just trying to figure out the easiest and best way to apply this graphic. I thought the Ultimate guitar forum would be a good place to start looking.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
I wouldnt want to be given a guitar with that s**t on the front, I'd give it back. The best thing you could possibly do is just leave it alone and give it away as it is.
thats got to be painted on by hand unless u have a HUGE decal. it would be extremely hard to do, especially on a semihollow.
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They stopped asking
It was a positive reply, my advice is dont do it coz IMO it will ruin the guitar.

If your dead set on doing it your best bet is as follows-

buy something like this- click
Use some craft adhesive that will spray on and attach your design, getting it as flat to the surface as you can. Or alternativley paint it on with whatever you want coz the laquer will protect it.

Use the laquer until you build up a good thickness then sand it back with some wet and dry. Use a buffing compound like t-cut to polish it up.

Job done. (one guitar ruined! lol)
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Cool. Now we're getting somewhere. Wonders and Worries wants a design on this guitar. This design that I attached. Can't change that. It's for charity and I don't know that it will be played much if at all.

How can you make the design into a Huge decal? Why would it be difficult to do? I obviously don't have a clue about these processes so could you explain in layman's terms the pros and cons of different types of approaches? Cost is a factor also. Many thanks.
I think the graphic looks great. But you should have fixed the edges so the leaves don't hang off the guitar.

It's going to be hard to do yourself, but maybe just remove as much hardware as you can, then mask off the rest with tape. Mask off areas of color, one at a time, and spraypaint. Then take off the tape and add more colors. After it's all done, spray on some clear coat.
I have a question that may help this thread, it is possible to use iron-on on a guitar wood, paint or pickguard?

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find a graphic sticker shop, they will cut you 15 pages or however many colors are there, then apply them one step at a time. when ive done multiple layer/color stickers on glass i'd mist water down first to not let the adheasive stick on and it gives you some play with it to get it properly in place then squeegy the water out and move on to the next color. i'd use a hair dryer or heat gun when the glass bowed to get the plastic or vinal to form to the contour.

with that said, i dont know how safe it would be on wood, but if its not getting played, whats it matter.

also, i'd personally print out a near real size, find a local painter and have them paint it on the guitar.

that is considering your dead set on the design, cause i like no sticker better, but its not my guitar or project
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go to a local high school art dept. im sure they will be all over it.

That's a great idea! You should listen to what he is saying and go to the High School.

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