so i just began looking for a new amp since the last one sucked/is broke. i play in an indie band that is getting serious so the amp needs to not be a piece. i play with a gibson les paul faded double cut equiped with 2 p90s and really want a strong indie sound. (strokes, modest mouse type of stuff.) please help i know nothing!!!!!!!
i would suggest a fender Champ XD with a louder cab.
the champ is and all tube amp with some added effects.
now, 15 watts does not sound like alot, but it will allow you to crank your amp to acheive a natural overdrive. but if that's not enough, get a good marshall or randall cab. the speaker of the fender champ XD is attached by a 1/4 inch jack. so, unplug the speaker and plug in a larger cab.

my other suggestion would be to buy a randall MTS amp. it is an all tube amp with switchabe preamp modules. you can get modules that are modeled after fender, marshall, vox, bogner and other famous amps.

hope this helps.